Tuesday, October 04, 2005

btrails4's Kitchen

btrails4's Kitchen

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Posted on Thu, Feb 10, 05
Link to kitchen photos: http://photobucket.com/albums/v691/btrails4/

We added about 500sf to our kitchen adding a laundry and mudroom and hooking up the garage to the main house. It took about 41/2 months and boy am I glad it's done!!


Anonymous said...

What brand are your cabinets. I love them. We are designing our new kitchen and I am trying to get ideas. Please respond back or email me at suedanielle@aol.com

coffeehaus said...

I love the fact that your backsplash is subtle and rather understated. It allows the beautiful countertop and cabinets to be the stars of the kitchen. Too often, I think people try to include too many features in their kitchen design, and the result is that the elements compete for attention.