Sunday, October 02, 2005

suse17's Kitchen

After is here!

Posted by suse17 (My Page) on Wed, Jul 27, 05 at 18:12

It's all basically done, except for maybe some accessories. Check out the kitchen redo album.

Here is a link that might be useful: kitchen album

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Hey there ! Your granite is very pretty ! They did a great job with it and the backsplash with it is very nice . I like your idea with the potrack over the sink ,looks nice and functional . Enjoy your new kitchen space , many happy meals!

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Love the granite! What is it?

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Thanks for the comments! The granite is Lady Dream (or Lady's Dream, or Lady Cream, or Ladies Dream, or . . .). What I found out about it on the web said it came from India, but the tag at the stone yard said it was European, but not what country it came from. Lot to lot, it varies tremendously in color, but they all share the characteristic of very horizontal grain with lots of movement. The slabs are really big - these were 137"x82", which let us get the whole sink-wall counter out of one piece using a beveled corner between the stove and sink, and what they called a "b*****d bevel" inside the garage, so the overhang of the peninsula does not have a seam in the corner.

Re the potrack; with a U-shaped kitchen with no island, it was hard to find a rack that would work. We also have a soffit that runs around the whole outside edge of the kitchen so we only had about 7'5" of height to work with. We decided we needed a really flush-mounted ceiling rack, with nothing to make the pots hang any lower than absolutely necessary. We bought and returned a number of them, and then, we made this one from a piece of 1" thick hardwood the length of the gap between the cabinets on either side of the window, and about 2" wide, stained to match the wood of the cabs. We used ultra-heavy chrome hooks that really show up to make it a design element. Cost was about $1.50/hook, and whatever the wood was. We had the stain in the house.

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*Thank you* for such a detailed photo journal. I'm a lurker to this forum b/c we'll be moving soon & we'll be moving the kitchen entirely - the house was badly planned IMO. Reading your descriptions put me right there with you; the concerns, dilemmas, and finally the joy felt with your beautiful finished kitchen! What a great sharing experience!