Tuesday, June 06, 2006

wilsonb's Kitchen

Finished and enjoying our new kitchen

Contact: wilsonb (My Page)
Posted on Mon, May 29, 06
Link to kitchen photos: http://www.pbase.com/wilsonb/kitchen_renovation

  • Cabinets - custom by local cabinetmaker Ross E. Smith, simply painted to match the Cluny in BM halo - OC -46
  • wood peninsula top - bookmatched English Elm
  • perimeter countertops - original soapstone
  • kitchen floor - red oak
  • breezeway floor - Lea Ceramiche - Rainforest Blue (porcelain slate look-alike)
  • range - Lacanche Cluny
  • dishwasher - Miele Incognito 858SCVI
  • refrigerator - SZ 642/O
  • hood - VAH Excalibur (XRH18-242SS)
  • microwave - Dacor SS 1200W
  • toaster oven (DH's favorite appliance so I have to include it) - Panasonice NB-G100P
  • Insta-hot and cold (room temp.) MT550 and filter
  • sink - Rohl Allia Fireclay 6307 in biscuit
  • faucet - Kallista MS Town Kitchen W/Spray, Lever
  • backsplash: ADEX URBAN 3" X 6" flat field tile in celery
  • Kitchen paint:
    cabinets: BM halo - OC -46
    Kitchen woodwork: BM White Down -OC/131 (Semi-gloss)
    Wall/Ceiling: Duron Madonna Lily - 8191W (Eggshell)
  • Breezeway paint:
    Panelled walls and woodwork: BM White Down (Semi-gloss)
    Brick walls: Duron Madonna Lily
    Beadboard ceiling: Duron Sahara Gold 7733M (Flat)
  • Pantry paint:
    woodwork and shelving: White down
    Walls and ceiling: Madonna Lily

I don't have any info on the ceiling fixtures. I ordered them from a local lighting store.
The thin pullout next to the sink holds two dishtowel bars. We had to add it as a filler, but we actually use it! It beats hiding the Cluny with dishtowels!

I love my drawer with my baking supplies. Because it's not a very large kitchen, the drawer is right across from the pull-outs with all of my supplies (mixers and pans), and my bowls are nearby in the glass cabinet. In the drawer, I keep all of the basics, so that all I have to do is reach down when I'm mixing and put them right back when I'm finished. There was no surface large enough to even roll out dough in my old kitchen. I love baking in my new kitchen!


Anonymous said...

Yours is one of my most favorite kitchens in this whole blog--completely what I would LOVE to do with our old 1890's farmhouse kitchen! Thanks for the inspiration! Particularly love the soapstone, the elm island top, the table/chairs in the breezeway and the floor in the breezeway. Great job!!

Anonymous said...

What a great kitchen! Congrats! I love your backsplash - I am thinking of doing the same thing, but maybe with a crackle subway. Thanks for sharing.

PS - Since I'm not only TKO, but TLO (totally lights obsessed) I thought I would let other viewers know that I think the flush mount ceiling lights are from Hudson Valley's "Randolph" series. Or maybe Visual Comfort's Edwardian Flush Mount with glass shade. HTH