Monday, July 03, 2006

sewanhakagirl's Kitchen

Very Happy Cook in New Kitchen!

Contact: sewanhakagirl (My Page)
Posted on Mon, Jul 3, 06
Link to kitchen photos:

  • Cabinets -- Kraftmaid Venecia Tygris Gloss
  • Appliances -- Thermador (except refrigerator)
  • Refrigerator -- Samsung 4 door
  • Counter -- Caesarstone Misty Carrera
  • Faucet -- Kohler Clairette
  • Sink -- Blanco Precision
  • Backsplash -- Ann Sacks Metro. The tile is Twister (it is a grey blue) and as I recall the grout was pearl grey.
  • Hardware -- Kraftmaid handles. I started to look around but realized that Kraftmaid had a handle that was exactly like the handles on my appliances. I liked the symmetry that it would create so I just went with the Kraftmaid handles.
  • Paint -- walls are C2 Silver Screen and the ceiling and trim is coconut.


jeanne said...

Awesome!!! Where did you get the desk chair and the carpet under the dining table? are your bcounter stools aluminum?

Anonymous said...

could you give info on your lighting fixtures? I love them

Anonymous said...

Hi - are you happy with the ceasarstone?

Anonymous said...

What are the room dimensions of your kitchen and dinning area? My kithen remodel layout is very, very close to yours. One more thing, do you like your island?

Tam said...

Hi. We're in the thick of our remodel of our kitchen. I saw yours and really want to know if you've been happy with your Misy Carrera Ceasarstone? Has it chipped any? Did you get it in the thicker width? How has it been holding up for you? Easy maintenance? Please please please - I'd love to hear from you. I need some peace and I'm thinking of getting the exact countertop.

Tam said...

Hi. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE TO hear what you now think of your Ceasarstone having lived with it for awhile. I'm about to order the same Ceasarstone in Misy Carrera for our kitchen remodel and I could use having some peace about it. :) I've been stressing out over our countertop decision for some time now. Has it scratched or dented? I got a sample and if I hit it with a fork (not even as hard as I could) it leaves a mark.) Still, I need something that is very easily maintained and hate the look of busy or speckled granite and quartz. Love the simplicity and softness of this particular Ceasarstone. Please let me know if you can say anything negative about it having used it for some time. Thanks so much.

shares said...

love the grey backsplash tile! it's beautiful