Sunday, February 03, 2008

jennyandretti's Kitchen

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Posted on Tue, Jan 22, 08
Link to kitchen photos:

  • Cabinets: 60% cabinets are from our old kitchen
  • Countertops: soapstone and butcherblock
  • Backsplash: thin brick
  • Appliances:
    - GE Monogram wall oven and warming drawer
    - Bosch counter-depth SxS 'fridge
    - Thermador 36" cooktop
    - Best by Broan 36" hood
  • Sink: Rohl Shaw's apron sink
  • Eco-friendly:
    -floors 50% recycled wood
    -home state grown (radius 25 miles) wood for countertops
    -built-in compost bin and recycling basket in countertop
    -60% cabinets are from our old kitchen
    -low-emission paint used on walls and cabinets
    -tung oil used on countertops
  • wall color is Pratt & Lambert's dried moss
  • beadboard soffit
Here's my pride and joy: the compost bin. As a tree-hugging eco-crazy person, I compost everything I possibly can. This makes it so much easier. I used to have compost ready for the pile out in the backyard laying all over our counters in bags or bowls or whatever was handy. In the summer, fruitflies would at least once, maybe twice sneak in, attracted to the rot. Once they decided that fresh fruit on the counters (good marketing towards the kids) looked OK too, it was war. I tried air-locked containers, but they were a pain since the air-lock was too tough in the midst of slippery wet peels. Taking it out to the compost pile right away was inefficient. So, the compost bin idea simmered around in my head until we made it reality with this project. As mentioned before, it's just a stock pot with the handle reversed in the lid. Mr. GC thought I was nuts, but thought of this great lid-flipping idea so the counter would be "more flat" for food preparation and plating. He also carved out sides for me to reach the lip of the pot for easy access for lifting out. Now that it's winter, the composting matter can "cook" a bit before heading outside and taking up precious space in the outside composter.

The recycling basket itself is from a bicycle shop. It was missing it's frame for a bike and I knew a use for it as soon as I saw it.
It's not too heavy to lift: I was concerned that I wouldn't be able to easily get a recycling container out of a space so far back in the corner. I like having a place to shove all the little stuff to get it off the countertops.