Monday, February 23, 2009

sundownr's Kitchen

Open kitchen with white cabinets and soapstone, marble and stainless counters

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Posted on Tue, Oct 28, 08
Link to kitchen photos:

  • Cabinets: custom, painted Alabaster white
  • Countertops: Soapstone on the island, marble on the two counters between the DR and kitchen and also on the desk in the office and stainless steel on the counters and backsplash along the stove wall
  • Backsplash: stainless steel
  • Flooring: I didn't "love" any flooring so picked up some cheap porcelein tile
  • Wall paint: Alabaster white
  • The over the door spice rack from Container store
Favorites: Pull out trash, pull out cookies sheet drawer and another pull out cookie sheet drawer that we are using for our most used pans and skillets. Best drawer ever. Love the pantry and I've never had one. Will probably add a third door to the pantry because there is shelving back there and it's way too hard to use. Original plan was a sliding rack to hold cans, etc but that never happened and I like it the way it is. Spice rack - I spent hours on the internet and in stores looking for a large rack. Finally made it to the container store and they had the components to do an over the door rack with as many shelves as you need. I may add one on the other door for can storage and free up some of the shelves for dishes. I like the two work stations at the desk. I still have two kids at home, 12 & 14, and the extra work spot and computer are so handy when 2 or 3 of us needs/wants to be on the computer at the same time. Very handy.
Regrets: The "planner" I used wasn't specifically a kitchen planner. She did have some good ideas and she was the subcontrator for the kitchen cabinets. That turned out to be a 4 month nightmare. Ended up hiring someone else to finish and rebuild most of the cabinets. What's done is done but I'll never (famous last words) have work done like that without references. The contractor recommended her but she flaked on them too. When planning the kitchen I expressed a concern to her about not having enough cabinets and she did some calculations and told me I had way more than I started with. Wrong, wrong, wrong. The kitchen is full and I still have boxes full of dishes. I don't think I would have designed the kitchen differently because I love it the way it is but I wish I had known. The refrigerator: we chose a counter depth 36" wide. I really wanted a 48" and the husband vetoed that. Dumb move. This refrigerator holds so much less than the old one. Now we have our old refrigerator running outside in our old laundry room off of the carport. The island: I wish I had overhang on both ends. There is enough room to have done that and we use all 3 sides but there isn't any overhang on the refrigerator end. I also don't like the pendant lights over the breakfast table. I'm thinking of replacing them with a ceiling fan. This room gets hot when it's a 100 outside.

Baking Drawer
Bar with Seating
Beverage Center/Bar
Cabinets: Base >24"deep
Cabinets: Wall >12"deep
Cookie sheet drawer
Counter-depth Frig
Drawer Dividers
Custom Hood
Island with Seating
Reach-in Pantry
Sink tilt-out tray
Soap Dispenser
Spice Storage
Trash Pullout
Tray Divider
Wine Storage