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kimmieb's Kitchen

Pool House Guest House Small White Kitchen DIY

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Posted on Wed, Apr 15, 09
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  • Cabinets: original (either cypress or oak), primed with Zinsser water based primer and painted BM White Dove in Satin Impervo water based. Trim was repainted in same color. I left one of the cabinets as open shelving and I like it. We left the upper cabinets up as it is good storage for the purpose of this house.
  • Countertops: original formica
  • Sink: original
  • Appliances: original
  • Paint:
    Wall: BM Aura Flat in Fieldstone
    Ceiling: BM Aura Ceiling Paint flat in a 50% mix of the Fieldstone
  • Hardware: cabinet knobs & pulls from Coolknobsandpulls.com, silver satin finish.
  • Lighting: track light the pendant from Lowe's
  • Barstools: from www.westelm.com
We bought a 1950s ranch that had an addition that included a separate pool house which was 8 years old and decided to remodel the pool house ourselves. We painted cabinets, walls, trim, ceiling in the apartment sized building. The existing real wood cabinets were stained with a light almost orangeish stain and were ugly but otherwise in good shape and were custom made overlay doors with raised panels. The knobs were the same wood as the cabinets.
I followed the instructions and advice mentioned on this forum as much as I could. DH sanded & then I primed with 2 coats of Zinsser water based primer from my local BM store for most of the cabinets.
We used BM Aura flat finish on the walls & used the BM Aura ceiling paint flat finish on the ceiling. The cabinets were primed with Zinsser water based primer and painted BM White Dove in Satin Impervo water based. I used good brushes as directed which were well worth it.
The Aura paint is beautiful. The color is very rich. The smell is not bad at all. As advised by other posters you have to work fast with it and not "work" it much. I did have to use 2 coats for sure even though some posters said they used 1. No way for this color. The color is beautiful and changes throughout the day from gray to blue depending on the light. For all of you posters looking for the perfect gray that is in the blue range in sunlight, I highly recommend it. You would never know by the paint card that it is this pretty. I also tested it before buying the Aura in the regular BM paint, not Aura and it wasn't nearly as vibrant. Because my local store didn't have the Aura machine, they had to order it in but, I can't tell you how happy I am that I did.
The cabinets are a white, white no yellow as far as I can see in the color. Very bright white, not creamy or any other color at all. If you don't want a bright white, don't use this color.

Bar with Seating
Lighting: Pendant
Open Shelving


Anonymous said...

Love it , great job ! Tell me something , that light on the shelf , what are those called and where can I get them ?