Tuesday, October 09, 2012

icfgreen's Kitchen

Green, Energy-efficient, Universally Designed Transitional Kitchen

Details from ICFgreen on 9/28/2012
Link to ICFgreen's Gardenweb finished kitchen post
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When we built in our forever home in 2011-12, Our goal was to create a kitchen that put function over form, was energy-efficient, earth-friendly and fully accessible, comfortable for multiple cooks, and practical for our everyday life. Since I cook our dinners from scratch most every night, I wanted to have everything I needed to make most any dinner I wanted without having to make a run to the store (hello, pantry!) We knew it would have a Euro bent, with some nods to my husband's heritage. Because I need order to function with my brain injury, we knew it would be practical and organized. We are thrilled with how it turned out.

Kitchen Highlights:
    • Cabinets: Custom made by our amazing Amish cabinet maker, Joe Yoder. All drawers are full extension and soft close with Blumotion. We loved working with Joe, and he will be making the custom cabinetry in my pantry eventually, after we catch our financial breath!
    • Touch Activated Recycling Center: Custom made by Joe Yoder. Powerws by Blum Servodrive.
    • Counters: Hanstone Specchio White quartz, with a small slab of marble on the baking center. (saved $$ by buying a marble remnant. Otherwise the baking center would have been quartz as well).
    • Floors: US Floors Marcas Areia planks
    • Backsplash: Solistone Mardi Gras in Carrollton.
    • Paint: Sherwin Williams Oyster Bay (Harmony No-VOC)
    • Main Sink: Blanco Stellar Single Bowl with grid (441024)
    • Main Faucet: Delta Touch 2.0 Pilar
    • Main Disposal: Waste King model 8000 1 HP
    • Prep Sink: Blanco Stellar Single Bowl (441026)
    • Prep Faucet: Delta Touch 2.0 Pilar
    • Prep Disposal: Waste King model 8000 1 HP
    • Insta-Hot: Insinkerator
    • Cooktop: Dacor PGM365-1S (saved $$$ by buying a floor model)
    • Venthood: Vent-a-Hood SLDH14-136SS (saved $$$ by buying a floor model)
    • Double Wall Oven: Jenn-Air JJW9830DD (saved $$$ by buying a floor model)
    • Microwave: Sharp KB6425PS (saved $$ by buying a dent and scratch)
    • Fridge: Whirlpool GSS26C4XXY
    • Dishwasher: Bosch SHE68E05UC
    • Freezer (in pantry): Frigidaire FKFH21F7HW
    • Island Pendants: ET2 Fizz
    • Under Cabinet Lighting: Task Lighting Sempria LED UC Series
    • Under Cabinet Outlets: Task Lighting Angle Power Strips TR Series
    • Pantry Light: Maxim Malibu
    • Hardware: Generic pull bars that available everywhere.

    1. Kitchen Basics
    Type of Remodel:    New Kitchen/New House
    Kitchen installation:     Hired General Contractor
    Budget:    Middle Budget , High Budget
    Location:     U.S. non-specific
    Location Type:    Suburban

    2. Kitchen Design
    Kitchen Design Family/Function:    Multiple Cooks, Small Children, Entertain Frequently, Wheelchair Accessible, User-Friendly for the Elderly, User-Friendly for the Disabled
    Kitchen Designer:    Self-Designed
    Kitchen Size:    Large (over 350 sq.ft)
    Kitchen Dimensions (WxL):    19'x19x
    Kitchen Height:    Height 9 feet or less
    Kitchen Shape:    Open Kitchen, U-Shaped Kitchen plus Island
    Kitchen Style:    Modernist Style, Transitional Style
    Kitchen Island:    Multiple Islands (2), Island With Seating, Island Without Seating, Island with one level
    Kitchen Peninsula:    No Peninsula
    Kitchen Seating:    Island Counter Seating, Bar Seating
    Kitchen Ceiling:    No Special Ceiling Design
    Design Special Features:    Baking Center, Elevated Dishwasher, Built-in Pantry, Desk, Message Center, Universal Design, Wall removed between kitchen & DR

    3. Kitchen Cabinets
    Cabinets New/Reused:    New Cabinet Doors and Boxes - Custom Sizes
    Cabinet Manufacturer:  
    Cabinet Manufacturer Details:    Our cabinets were made by an Amish man who was just starting his own business. He didn't have any photos for us to look at, so he invited us to his home. We are blown away by his quality.
    Cabinet Door Composition:    Solid Wood Cabinet Doors
    Cabinet Door (Wood):    Maple Cabinet Doors
    Cabinet Box Composition:    Solid Wood Cabinet Boxes
    Cabinet Box (Wood):    Maple Cabinet Boxes
    Cabinet Door Overlay:    Full Overlay Cabinet Door
    Cabinet Door Style:    Slab Cabinet Door
    Cabinet Color:    Dark Wood Cabinet Door, Brown Cabinet Door
    Cabinet Finish:    Stained Cabinet Door
    Cabinet Height:    Multi-level height Cabinets
    Mixed Cabinets?    No mixed cabinets
    Cabinet Special Features:    Full Extension Cabinet Drawers, Soft-Close Cabinet Drawers, Cabinet Inserts of Clear Glass

    4. Kitchen Countertops
    Countertop New/Reused:    New Countertops
    Countertop Composition:    Quartz Countertop (Zodiac, Silestone,  CaesarStone, Cambria, etc.)  , Marble
    Marble Countertop:    carrara
    Quartz Countertop:    Hanstone Specchio White
    Countertop Color:    White/Cream Countertop
    Countertop Finish:    Polished Countertop
    Countertop Edge:    Eased Edge Countertop
    Mixed Countertops?    Different Countertop for Baking

    5. Kitchen Backsplash
    Backsplash New/Reused:    New Backsplash
    Backsplash Material:    Glass Backsplash
    Backsplash Type:    Mini Tile Backsplash
    Backsplash Pattern:    Running Bond Backsplash
    Backsplash Tile Size:    Backsplash Tile Rectangular - Small (1x2 to 2x4)
    Backsplash Size:    Backsplash all the way up the wall
    Backsplash Color:    Gray Backsplash, Green Backsplash
    Backsplash Manufacturer:    Solistone
    Backsplash Details:    Mardi Gras in Carrollton

    6. Kitchen Appliances

    Appliances: New/Reused?    All New Appliances
    Refrigerator Manufacturer:    Whirlpool GSS26C4XXY
    Refrigerator Color:    Stainless "Look" Refrigerator
    Refrigerator Special Features:    Side-by-Side  Refrigerator
    Range Hood Manufacturer:    Vent-a-Hood SLDH14-136SS
    Range Hood Max CFM:    401-600 CFM Range Hood
    Range Hood MUA:    Regular MUA Range Hood
    Range Hood Color:    Stainless Steel Range Hood
    Range Hood Special Features:    Wall Mount Range Hood
    Range Hood Details:    We saved lots of money by purchasing a floor model.
    Cooktop Manufacturer:    Dacor PGM365-1S
    Cooktop Color:    Stainless Steel Cooktop
    Cooktop Details:    We saved a lot of money by purchasing a year old store model.
    Wall Oven Manufacturer:    Jenn-Air JJW9830DD
    Wall Oven Color:    Black Wall Oven
    Wall Oven Special Features:    Double Wall Oven, Convection Wall Oven
    Wall Oven Details:    we saved a lot of money by buying a dent and scratch. there is a teeny tiny scratch on the handle.
    Dishwasher Manufacturer:    Bosch SHE68E05UC
    Dishwasher Color:    Stainless Steel Dishwasher
    Dishwasher Special Features:    Elevated Dishwasher
    Microwave Manufacturer:    Sharp KB6425PS
    Microwave Color:    Stainless Steel Microwave   
    Microwave Special Features:    Built-in Microwave in Drawer
    Freezer Manufacturer:     Frigidaire FKFH21F7HW

    7. Kitchen Plumbing
    Plumbing: New/Reused?    Installed All New Plumbing Lines  
    Main Sink Manufacturer:    Blanco Stellar Single Bowl with grid (441024)
    Main Sink Material:    Stainless Main Sink
    Main Sink Shape:    Rectangular Main Sink, Extra-Deep Main Sink
    Main Sink Bowls:    Single Bowl Sink
    Main Sink Width:    Main Sink 25 to 29 inches
    Main Sink Mount:     Negative Reveal Undermount Sink, Countertop Sink
    Main Sink Special Features:  
    Main Sink Details:  
    Main Faucet Manufacturer:    Delta Touch 2.0 Pilar
    Main Faucet Color/Material:    Stainless Steel Main Faucet
    Main Faucet Finish:    Brushed Main Faucet
    Main Faucet Type:    Pull-Out Spray Faucet, Single Handle Faucet
    Main Faucet Details:    Our sink is touch activated, which is especially nice my hands are dirty and filled with dough!
    Prep Sink Manufacturer:    Blanco Stellar Single Bowl (441026)
    Prep Sink Material:    Stainless Prep Sink 
    Prep Sink Width:    Prep Sink under 20 inches
    Prep Faucet Manufacturer:    Delta Touch 2.0 Pilar
    Prep Faucet Details:    touch activated
    Prep Faucet Color/Material:    Stainless Steel Prep Faucet
    Prep Faucet Finish:    Brushed Prep Faucet
    Plumbing Special Features:    Instant Hot Water, Hands-free Faucet
    Plumbing Additional Information:    Our instahot is from Insinkerator. We will likely replace it at some point with one from Waste King. Our plumber ordered without consulting us, and the Insinkerator is already not working well after 6 months.

    8. Kitchen Electric and Lighting
    Electric Outlet Covers:    Task Lighting Angle Power Strips TR Series
    Electric Special Features:    No Outlets in Backsplash, Outlet in Island, Plugmold under Cabinets  
    Lighting Special Features:    Pendant over Island, Recessed Lighting, Under Cabinet Lighting
    Lighting Details:    Island Pendants: ET2 Fizz
    Under Cabinet Lighting: Task Lighting Sempria LED UC Series

    9. Kitchen Hardware
    Hardware Type:    Pulls Only
    Hardware Pulls Manufacturer:  
    Hardware Pulls Material/Color:    Stainless Knobs

    10. Kitchen Flooring
    Flooring New/Reused:    New Flooring
    Flooring Manufacturer:    US Floors Marcas Areia cork planks
    Flooring Material:    Cork Floor
    Flooring Color:    Light Non-Wood Floor
    Flooring Details:    We love, love, LOVE the cork floor! It's quiet, soft, warm, easy to keep clean (no dust bunnies!) We'll never go back to hardwood!

    11. Kitchen Pantry
    Pantry Type:    Walk-in Pantry (Built-in)
    Pantry Size:    9'x9'10"
    Pantry Depth:    12
    Pantry Cabinet Features:  
    Pantry Shelving:    I have furniture in the pantry for now until we can save up for custom shelving
    Pantry Door:    Swing-Out Door on Built-in Pantry
    Pantry Shape:    No shelves yet. I'm using bookcases for now.
    Pantry Items:    Bottled Goods in Pantry, Boxed Goods in Pantry, Broom/Dustpan in Pantry, Canned Goods in Pantry, Cookbooks in Pantry, Dishes in Pantry, Fresh Vegetables in Pantry, Paper Products in Pantry, freezer
    Pantry Containers:    Baskets in Pantry, Specialty Bins in Pantry, Glass Specialty Jars  in Pantry, Plastic Specialty Jars in Pantry
    Special Pantry Features:    Appliances Used in Pantry, Electrical Outlet in Pantry, Ventilated Pantry
    Pantry Other Information:    http://dejongdreamhouse.blogspot.com/2012/02/personalizing-pantry-door.html

    12. Kitchen Special Features

    Eco-Friendly:    Includes locally sourced materials, Includes low-energy or low-water-use components, Includes recycled components, Includes renewable resources
    Convenience Items:    Baking Drawer, Dish Drawer, Drawer Dividers, Under-Counter Recycling Bin, Recycling Pullout, Sink Tilt-out Tray, Spice Drawer, Trash Foot Pedal, Trash Pullout   

    13. Kitchen Decor

    Decor Wall Color:    Green Wall Color
    Decor Wall Color Details:    Sherwin Williams Oyster Bay

    14. Kitchen Additional Comments
    Opinions:    Favorite Things (in no particular order):
    • cork floors. So soft. So quiet. So easy to clean. LOVE LOVE LOVE them.
    • quartz counters. Love the recycled glass and mirror. Easy to clean, no staining, despite my leaving turmeric and juice on it over night! eep!
    • instahot. We drink a lot of tea. Now we drink more.
    • backsplash. It stopped me in my tracks when I saw it in a display and if possible, I like it even more in my own kitchen.
    • vacupan under the prep sink. I put it to good use!
    • pantry. I love having everything I need to make anything I want.
    • recycling center. I love that we have taken all the thinking out of recycling, and now most weeks we are able to make our goal of one bag of trash per week.
    • layout. it's roomy, comfortable with multiple people, but everything for cooking dinner is easy to reach.
    The only thing we'd change is have a Waste King instahot instead of Insinkerator, and used eggshell paint instead of flat. oops.

    Before Photos:  No
    Floorplan Photos:  No