Saturday, July 02, 2005

warren's kitchen

Warren's Kitchen

from Warren (My Page)

link to Warren's kitchen:


Anonymous said...

When scanning "finished kitchens" - it's hard to get to the "W's". Pity - your kitchen remodel is gorgeous! My daughter brought my attention to your pictures and it is truly elegant. How did you get the idea to use the colors you did and the way you used them? It's absolutely stunning. Enjoy.

Anonymous said...

My favorite kitchen hands down.

Excellent job!

bobleilani said...

I love the warm elegance and the timelessness in your kitchen! Absolutely GORGEOUS!!!


Kathy said...

Absolutely breathtaking. I can feel your joy. Congratulations,

Anonymous said...

I have gone through every picture from a to Z and this is absolutely without a doubt my favorite, it is so bright but warm, I would love to be walking into this kitchen calling it mine. Congradulations, it is wonderful. said...

Your link appears to be broken. I would love the details of your kitchen. It has the timeless elegance that I would like to replicate in mine. Thanks.