Wednesday, October 19, 2005

hedygs' Kitchen

My finished kitchen

Posted by hedygs (My Page) on Sat, Oct 15, 05 at 13:11

I decided to post my pics especially after reading the Mistakes thread in GD. I love
my new kitchen and I am happy with the results for the most part. I think my
backsplash is my "mistake" and if it were an easy fix I'd do it in heartbeat.

Anyway I hope the link works because I have to make the album public. How to do
that of course boggles my mind.

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I do not see a link ??

 o RE: My finished kitchen


Here is a link that might be useful: Kitchen

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I"d love the details... and I think the backsplash is beautiful!


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I think your backsplash is great. It's different and adds interest to the clean lines of your cabinets.

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I agree! It's beautiful. I first thought it was a magazine/internet photo! The backsplash in wonderful. It adds interest to the sleek lines of your kitchen, as ArtTeacher said. Enjoy!

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Hedy, I've seen this before and I love your kitchen more every time I look at it. What a clean, bright, orderly, spacious, well-planned and executed place! I love your big window and the pendant lights over your island - what are they? - and having been through bar counter support issues, I *LOVE* your DH's big-foot island support. The hood looks so cool! Nice find. The cabinets are lovely, and although you're still not keen on it, I think the backsplash is very appealing. I love limestone for its fossils, and it looks to me like I could find fossilized ferns in your backsplash. Its so interesting that it would draw its audience in ...

Nice job. But now you have to provide some info ... what's that stuff you're showing! ;-) Franke Orca sink, Hamat Ego faucet, Futuro hood ... ???

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where did you get your pendant lights?
gorgeous kitchen!

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Beautiful! It has a wonderful clean yet warm look. I think the backsplash is really nice, definitely not a mistake!

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OK, I looked at the pix before reading your post -- and I have to honestly say, I think your backsplash is beautiful! What kind of tile is that? Why don't you like it? I think it's unique and pretty, it really adds some interest to your kitchen!

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Thank you ladies for the kind comments. I have a question and if you could please give me an honest answer. I love the tile I chose. I did it knowing that it would not compete with my granite which I also love. Anyway, the tile came 18X18. In retrospect should I have left it 18X18 and then it would have looked cleaner perhaps more contemporary?

The pendants are Lite Source Buoy pendants. You can find them all over the web but I did buy them from The Great Indoors because they had a sale on lighting.

Cabinets: Ultracraft in Honey Vision
Appliances: Kitchenaid Architect series except for cooktop
Gas Cooktop: GE Mongram 36"
Granite: Imperial Brown granite
Faucet: Hamat Ergo
Hot Water Dispenser: Mt. Plumbing (eBay)
Air Switch: Mt. Plumbing (eBay)
Soap Dispenser: Hamat Neuvo
Light over table: Access Katana
Wood Floor: Muskoka Natural Maple
Backsplash: Saicis Hi-Tech tile

I think that covers it. Thanks again for your kind comments. I really do love the kitchen but of course in hindsight I would make a couple of changes.

I am looking at a new kitchen table. I found this one for a great price at a furniture store that is closing. I am considering the black one but I am worried it might be too stark. What do you think?

Here is a link that might be useful: Callagaris table

 o RE: My finished kitchen - revised

How could I forget my two favorite things in my remodel:

Hood: Futuro Futuro Concord
Sink: Franke Orca

Love, love, love my hood and sink.

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Beautiful transformation! I really like the sleek look of the new cabinets and that great new window!

Enjoy your wonderful new kitchen :)

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hedygs - I love, love, love your kitchen. It is definitely up there as one of my inspiration kitchens. We are also doing slab doors (Ikea natural birch) and you are making me rethink my decision on handles, yours look so good. We also have a similar shaped island, though it is longer and I think the end will be a full radius.

I was wondering where you got your bar stools. DH and I really love them and are interested in something similar.


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KitchenMom the Ikea birch doors are beautiful. I am sure you will love them. We considered the Ikea Lansa handles but decided to follow the lines of the appliances so we used Ikea Tag handles. The price certainly was right and quality-wise them seem fine.

In our drawings the island granite was a full radius but we ended up matching the lines of the counters which had sharp edges.

We bought the stools on-line. We were looking for these stools because I wanted a stool we could push under the island when they weren't in use. They are replicas of the Bombo stools (the originals were really expensive) and wanted a flat finish rather then the glossy. This was the only place we found the stools with a flat finish other then the original Bombo stools.

Also I just did a search on eBay for Contemporary Stools and they have some beautiful ones there. I really liked the LEM stools but my DH didn't agree (what does he know?) so I let it go.

Good luck and thanks for the kinds words.

Here is a link that might be useful: Contemporary stools

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Beautiful kitchen. Love the granite and the hood also! And very cool stools! Great job!! Nice view - even the snow scene! Make some hot cocoa on that new stove and enjoy!!!

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hedygs - Thanks for all the info! We have bags of Lansa handles sitting in the laundry room, and DH really loves them, so I think we'll go with them. We also have Kitchenaid Architect for the fridge/ovens/dishwasher (I'm not copying you, I swear, we ordered our appliances long before I saw your kitchen). I hadn't focused before on how similar the line of the Tag handles is.'s not too late to exchange. I'll have to talk to DH about this.

Thanks for the tip about the stools. I do like those LEM stools. My fear with all these types of stools is that my young (2&5 y.o.) kids will fall right off them. DH thinks we should get something really cheap for a couple years until they are older. We'll see about that. :-)

Anyway, thanks again and I hope you are enjoying your kitchen.


Vania said...

Beautiful kitchen, very unique island... Where did your DH find the stainless steel leg???? I've been looking for a while and can't come up with where I should look for something like this.

Brenda said...


Just love your kitchen.

Can you tell me where you got your backsplash? I've searched the internet but cannot find.

Many thanks!