Wednesday, September 19, 2012

annaa's Kitchen

Small, Quartz, Stainless Steel Backsplash, Split Entry Kitchen

Details from AnnaA on 9/19/2012
Link to Anna's Gardenweb finished kitchen post

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A 1978 Split Entry small kitchen remodel completed in 2012. We took down a wall, creating an open space consisting of the kitchen, dining room, and living room. The original appliance footprint remained, except for the refrigerator which was moved to an adjoining wall, right against the original water source for the frig, which simplified the plumbing.

We chose a few unconventional features for all the right reasons, as we love its look and utility:
1. We wanted the stove on the island, and keeping the original footprint made it even more economical. But being able to see out windows and into the living space, since we spend most of our prep time next to the stove anyway, has been sheer joy.
2. We debated pros and cons of an open concept, of an island, of a raised bar. At the end of the day, we needed to maximize space, but with some sort of demarcation between kitchen and living room. So, we chose complimentary cabinet colors that differed from the wall cabs (green and stained respectively) and two complimentary quartz countertops (Silestone Zirconium on top of the stained cabs; and Lyra on top of the green island cabs). From a common design wisdom point of view, this was not considered a wise idea, but it has given us exactly what we want - a sense of difference yet compatibility in this open space.
3. We fell in love with stainless steal materials for the backsplash. We didn't want it to look cold and industrial, rather modern craftsman unique ... Hopefully, that's what we created. We feared that homemade pattern and assembly would look too much like a child's art project permanently fixed in an adult's ""real"" kitchen, but we LOVE the homemade imperfections. The bs is the item people immediately come in an touch and oh and Ahh over.
4. The raised island bar/nested Ls - the best of all possible designs, in our opinion. Each area of our island has / is dedicated space. The raised bar is great for eating, working. It stays clean and away from food prep. And it provides enough visual block into the kitchen without blocking an open feel or window view. The lower L...the work space on each side of that oven...oh my...heaven! And then the open level space next to the frig - perfect spot for a flat open surface, from putting groceries away, to cold food prep, to using various appliances stored underneath.

Kitchen Highlights:
  • Cabinets: Semi Custom Thomasville. Wall cabinets: Eden style; Alder with Macaroon stain. Island cabinets: Eden style; Maple with Moss pain
  • Countertop:  Silestone Lyra & Zirconium
  • Backsplash: Mosaic Tile Backsplash

1. Kitchen Basics
Type of Remodel:    Kitchen Remodel/Existing Footprint/All New Items
Kitchen installation:     Hired General Contractor
Budget:    Middle Budget
Location:     U.S. Western
Location Type:    City

2. Kitchen Design
Kitchen Design Family/Function:    Pet Accommodations, Just The Two Of Us
Kitchen Designer:    Give & Take b/w Self and KD
Kitchen Size:    Small (under 150 sq.ft)
Kitchen Dimensions (WxL):    108"w x 180"L (9'w x 15'L)
Kitchen Height:    Height 8 feet or less
Kitchen Shape:    Galley Kitchen plus Island
Kitchen Style:    Arts and Crafts Style, Transitional Style
Kitchen Island:    Single Island, Island With Seating, Island with multiple levels
Kitchen Island#1 Size (WxL):    114"W x 43"L
Kitchen Seating:    Island Counter Seating
Kitchen Ceiling:    No Special Ceiling Design
Design Special Features:    Baking Center, Coffee Center, Island with Cooktop, Multiple Prep Areas, Open Shelving, Pass-Thru, Wall removed between kitchen & DR, Windows to the Counter

3. Kitchen Cabinets
Cabinets New/Reused:    New Cabinet Doors and Boxes - Custom Sizes
Cabinet Manufacturer:    Thomasville
Cabinet Manufacturer Details:    Semi Custom Thomasville. Wall cabinets: Eden style; Alder with Macaroon stain. Island cabinets: Eden style; Maple with Moss paint.
Cabinet Door Composition:    Solid Wood Cabinet Doors
Cabinet Door (Wood):    Alder Cabinet Doors, Maple Cabinet Doors  
Cabinet Door Overlay:    Full Overlay Cabinet Door  
Cabinet Color:    Medium Wood Cabinet Door, Green Cabinet Door
Cabinet Finish:    Stained Cabinet Door, Painted Cabinet Door
Cabinet Height:    Cabinets to the Ceiling
Mixed Cabinets?    Mixed Cabinets perimeter/island (multiple colors/shades/finishes)
Cabinet Special Features:    Soft-Close Cabinet Drawers, Cabinet Inserts of Clear Glass, Stainless steal backsplash used on back of a glass covered upper cabinet.

4. Kitchen Countertops
Countertop New/Reused:    New Countertops
Countertop Composition:    Quartz Countertop (Zodiac, Silestone,  CaesarStone, Cambria, etc.)
Quartz Countertop:    Silestone Lyra & Zirconium
Countertop Color:    Black Countertop, White/Cream Countertop
Countertop Finish:    No Countertop Finish
Countertop Edge:    Single Bevel Edge Countertop   

5. Kitchen Backsplash
Backsplash New/Reused:    New Backsplash
Backsplash Material:    Stainless Backsplash, Copper Backsplash, Decorative metal tile
Backsplash Type:    Mosaic Tile Backsplash, Preassembled mosaic tile sheets and self designed and assembled mosaics
Backsplash Pattern:    Mosaic Backsplash, Accent tiles in backsplash border, Accent tiles embedded in backsplash
Backsplash Tile Size:    Mixed geometric tiles no larger than 2x2
Backsplash Size:    Backsplash all the way up the wall
Backsplash Color:    Multicolor / Colorful Backsplash, Black Backsplash, Copper Backsplash, Metallic Backsplash, Silver Backsplash
Backsplash Manufacturer:    Multiple distributors of metal tile mosaics
Backsplash Details:    Preset sheets that extend to the ceiling: A gun-smoke black stainless steel tile mosaic. The first 6" is a hand assembled design using assorted metal mosaics from various venders.
Backsplash Special Features:    Handmade Tiles in  Backsplash, Unusual Backsplash Design, Mirror Backsplash, Mixed Materials in Backsplash

6. Kitchen Appliances

Appliances: New/Reused?    Mix of Old and New Appliances
Refrigerator Manufacturer:    Kitchen Aid
Refrigerator Color:    Stainless Steel Refrigerator
Refrigerator Special Features:    Bottom FreezerRefrigerator, French Door Refrigerator 
Range/Stove Color:    Stainless Steel Range/Stove
Range/Stove Special Features:    Range Mount Slide-in, Glass Top Range/Stove, Range Induction Cooktop, Convection Range, Warming Drawer in Range
Range/Stove Manufacturer:    GE Induction Slide In
Range Hood Color:    Stainless Steel Range Hood, With clear glass canopy
Range Hood Special Features:    Island Mount Range Hood, Range Hood with Glass
Dishwasher Color:    Stainless Steel Dishwasher

7. Kitchen Plumbing
Plumbing: New/Reused?    Reused All Existing Plumbing Lines
Main Sink Manufacturer:    Silgranite
Main Sink Material:    Composite Main Sink (Granite, Quartz, etc.) [e.g. Silgranite]
Main Sink Shape:    Rectangular Main Sink
Main Sink Bowls:    Single Bowl Sink
Main Sink Width:    Main Sink 30 to 34 inches
Main Faucet Type:    Gooseneck Faucet
Plumbing Special Features:    Air Switch

8. Kitchen Electric and Lighting
Electric Special Features:    Outlet in Island
Lighting Special Features:    Dimmers in Kitchen, Recessed Lighting, Under Cabinet Lighting

9. Kitchen Hardware
Hardware Type:    Both Knobs and Pulls
Hardware Knobs Manufacturer:    Hickory Hardware
Hardware Knobs Material/Color:    Nickel/Pewter Knobs
Hardware Pulls Manufacturer:    California Craftsman
Hardware Pulls Material/Color:    Nickel/Pewter Knobs

10. Kitchen Flooring
Flooring New/Reused:    New Flooring
Flooring Material:    Wood Floor
Flooring Color:    Medium Wood Floor

11. Kitchen Pantry

12. Kitchen Special Features

Eco-Friendly:    Includes renewable resources
Convenience Items:    Bookshelf, Under-Counter Recycling Bin, Spice Drawer, Tilt outs, Tray Dividers

13. Kitchen Decor


14. Kitchen Additional Comments
Opinions:    Our next project will involve finding a way to relocate our steps as the split entry places a walkway next to a staircase. It isn't directly related to the kitchen, but is more noticeable now as a design flaw in our space.
The design feature I regret is the bump out at the sink. It forces the sink to sit further back. I have to lean forward a bit more - not easy on the back.   

Thank-You's: I found Garden Web after the design was finished and materials were ordered. But the endless array of choices that still bombarded me - GW was a wonderful place for help and guidance. The good people on this forum helped me pick all the extras - hardware, the backsplash...tons of little things. An amazing forum!

Before Photos:  Yes
Floorplan Photos:  No