Tuesday, September 18, 2012

teresacooks' Kitchen

Traditional IKEA Kitchen

Contact: teresacooks (My Page)
Posted on  Apr 29, 10
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  • Cabinets: IKEA Liljestad
  • Countertops: Giallo Michelangelo Zodiaq
  • Backsplash: subway tile and some art deco tiles from NZ
  • Fratelli Onofri stove
  • Futuro Futuro hood (tulip I think) 
  • Dishwasher: IKEA Renlig
  • Sink: IKEA Domsjo sink
  • Paint: C2 Savannah

  • Apron_Sink
  • Baking_Drawer
  • Bookshelf
  • Dish_Drawer
  • Drawer_Dividers
  • Frameless_Cabinets
  • Glass_Doors
  • Knife_Drawer
  • Lighting_Pendant
  • Lighting_Recessed
  • Message_Center_Desk
  • Microwave_Shelf
  • Mixer_Pullout
  • Peninsula_with_Seating
  • Plug_Inside_Cabinet
  • Pullout_Pantry

We combined the kitchen and the dining room and made a peninsula with drawers and a mixer lift (which I LOVE). The microwave is hidden in an oven cabinet and is a combination microwave convection oven. Also great. The dishwasher is the new (at the time) renlig so it integrates into the kitchen. I have a Domsjo sink, which is great except for metal kind of rubs off on it, so if you scrub a pot or cookie sheet then you have to scrub the sink with barkeeper's friend. We drilled a hole in the sink for a sprayer and installed a cover control garbage disposal with no problems. We used subway tile and some art deco tiles from NZ for the backsplash, and I have a desk that is also made from Liljestad drawers and my countertop on one end of the kitchen. I can clear it and use it when I entertain as a serving station. The countertops are giallo michelangelo zodiaq and they are beautiful and functional. I have chose a samsung fridge and a fratelli onofri stove with a futuro futuro hood. 

 The renlig dishwasher is great. If I were designing it I would put the silverwear holder in the front, not the side, but I still love it.
We did about 75% of the renovation ourselves (well my dad and brother's selves;). A contractor took out the wall, moved the window, the gas, the electric etc. . . and my family put in all the cabinets, and the finish plumbing etc. . . We had a tile guy for the tile. I'll actually try to put up a better picture of the porteus tiles, I love them so.